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“I grew up Catholic. The Black Rose was such an eye opener. I came out of the Square Box. If you have read or seen the movie the DaVinci Code you certainly will be moved by Magdalene’s Black Rose.

Rosa Zupancic
Redding CA.

“The Black Rose is more than a book. It is an experience… I couldn’t put it down. It is the ultimate…I felt I was there. I was so shocked and surprised…It is more about the love relationship. It is so profound, precious and intimate…I cried a lot…. I felt so much love. I have already read the book twice. I am going to reread it again – many times.”

Betty Schmitt


“Magdalene’s Black Rose is the most important book of this decade. It will heal humanity and help prepare the WAY for the upcoming Golden Age. Read this novel; it is a MUST READ.”

God the Father
from Everywhere

Updated 4-17-14

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                                         Heart of the Mother


               The Immaculate Concept World Prayer

               Heart of the Mary

               Magdalenes Purity Prayer

               The Lotus Rosary

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